Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kids Love To Learn - How Do We Teach Kids According To The Will Of God In A More Interesting Way?

I always believe that the best education we can share to our children is through the will of God. Allowing your children to learn things using the word of God from the bible can be a good way to build up your child’s personality and character. For Christian parents, it is important that you teach your child with the right understanding of what was God had taught you and how it can benefit them a lot so that they will grow mature and had enough awareness on the Christian beliefs.

But for children, they may find it quite complex to get through relevant entertainment and educational content as per God’s will as their mind is very innocent. All they want is to eat, sleep and play. Kids love to learn, but how do we teach them according to the will of God in a more interesting way? Let me share you some tips to give you an idea on some of great means for kids to enjoy more of their learning through God’s phrase.

Play With Music and Sing With Them A Song

Children nowadays can easily adapt with different music that they hear whenever they listen to songs repetitively. A composition of song with enjoyable lyrics of God’s word is one of the best methods to empower your children’s life. Parents can sing with their children and make these educational songs as their theme song which is a good way to build strong family foundation.

Play With Puzzle Games

Kids love to learn and easy learning can also be achievable through finding all words from the Bible with pleasurable puzzle games. This is definitely interesting to get closely associated to God while having fun learning. This would also enhance their mentality as well as be challenged on constructing the letters.

Share Them The Scripture Cards

Another factor to help children learn God’s word easily is by letting them memorize verses from the Bible through cards. You can share them the scripture cards, display it anywhere in your home or insert on their favorite workbook or notebook. By letting them read the scriptures, they will soon realize to apply it in their own lives and will help them think things in more positive perspective.

These are just few of several ideas you can share to your child in order to help them learn and live in the will of God. Empowering your child’s life through the word of God has several benefits for your family. Kids love to learn and it is the responsibility of the parents to help and guide their children walk in the law of the Lord. With the advancement of our technology, learning these things has never been too complicated. Multimedia is the most powerful tool make this simple learning possible. This method would also remind children with what they should do and should not do. Faith comes natural to a child. Teach your child at his early days as this is the best time to enlighten them about essential things.

Perhaps there’s no better way for your child to learn things according to God’s motivation than for him to have a good interaction with his parents. Valuing God’s command for every family as well us in our everyday life can lead to happy and satisfied living.

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